Sunday, September 24, 2006

So I saw about some meat...

I figured we needed some variation and meat in our diet, and it gave me an opportunity to be inventive in the kitchen.

Pollo Casero con Pisto y Arroz

I first seared a couple of chicken breasts in some garlic olive oil. I put them to the side and added onions to the hot pan. Once the onions browned a bit, I added tinned plum tomatoes, a chopped small zucchini and salt. Once the sauce reduced a bit, I added the chicken pieces on top, and saute├ęd them with the lid on.

I made some lovely saffron rice to go with it. It was delicious. I hadn't let on to Rafa that it was actually pisto that I made, because I wanted to see if he could recognize my efforts as the same dish he grew up with in Seville. He knew what I was all about, and he didn't give up that he was hot on my case until after he finished eating. He said the pisto tasted just like his mom's, and that is the best compliment a mama's boy could ever give! :) He got meat and a helping of some of mama's cooking.

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