Monday, September 25, 2006

I need a Toblerone I.V.!

I woke up shattered this morning. My eyelids felt they were scotch-taped to my face, my head was hazy, I was not in good shape. I shoulda known better. I partied and binged all weekend, and now I was paying for it. In a 24 hr period, I had consumed an entire 20 oz. bottle of Pepsi, about 9 cupcakes, almost an entire bar of Jacques Torres' dreamy milk chocolate.... Whenever I do this to myself, which isn't that often, I usually feel awful afterwards. The amount of sugar and caffeine is too much to handle, and then I get up the next day looking for my next fix. On the train this morning, all I could think about was diving into a huge swimming pool of melted milk chocolate. I wanted it baaaaaaad!

But I needed to resist, because it is a slippery slope from here. Tonight, I needed something sinful after dinner. I had tons of temptation all around me.

1 bar of toblerone
the rest of the Jacques Torres' milk chocolate bar
the rest of the cupcakes (about three or four)
about five bars of Green and Blacks chocolate, in different sinful flavors

I decided to be strong and made a dessert in a class all by itself...

Caribbean Breeze

I layered all the non-naughty things I loved; greek yogurt, juicy nectarine slices, Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, dried cranberries and honey. It was marvelous, and no, there's nothing Caribbean about it, especially not the Honey Bunches of Oats, but it kind of gave me that feeling like I was on some island, coming back from the beach all sunkissed, wearing terry-cloth clothing and feeling all 'toyt' (Austin Powers reference); why is it on vacation that we feel so much skinnier than we really are. Must be something in the water. Anyway, this little creation was just spectacular. And I'm not missing my chocolate..... much.

**Shameless Self-Plug - Hey, check out what I had for dinner here.

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